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I WON’T BE A PART OF HISTORY, self-adhesive letters, variable size, 2007

After a long period of silence, I decided to make a new post and show one of my latest works.

Last summer, we were talking with a friend who graduated from art school and she suddenly said that we were not all supposed to be a part of history, by doing amazing artworks and such.

This was a great relief for me, because I always thought art in general shouldn’t be that pretentious and it was a great way to say it.

It was also interesting to hear that, because she was supposing that we were bound to be a part of history no matter what we do by affirming the opposite in a way - the negative affirms the existance of the positive at the same time, otherwise it would be absurd.

I wanted to find a way to materialise this idea in order to share with the others.

I’ve always been very inspired by text and simple typography in artworks and graphical design in general: I thought that was an interesting answer to contemporary visual display landscapes which are oftenly way too agressive and overloaded (the same way minimalism emerged as a reaction against the painterly forms of abstract expressionism as well as the discourse, institutions and ideologies that supported it).

I also had the opportunity to attend to a lecture done by Experimental Jetset in Valence a couple of months ago and it was a revelation to hear them talk about their work.

I started studying Christopher Wool’s paintings, how he is creating a perpetual tension between painting and removing, as well as the work of Liam Gillick and especially how he would use text in simple typography in his works and reviewed Felix Gonzales-Torres‘ stacks of paper, unlimited edition prints, free for the viewer to take, which inspired me for an upcoming project.

All these reflections led me to create this white elusive sentence to claim this point of view.