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Frances Farmer’s Revenge


Frances Farmer’s Revenge, audio track, CD-R, 7′30″, 2006.

It’s been fifteen years since “Nevermind” was released and still, it continues to reign over the majority of the turntables of the Grunge generation, as well as contemporary teenagers, even if they were born too late to catch the phenomenon while it was alive and happening.

It took three albums and a compilation of rare tracks to conquer the world and Cobain became an icon of its time, a will of what were a few years of fury, an ultimate revolt, a punk startle at the dawn of the nineties.

Before committing suicide, Cobain had declared that he was no longer able to entertain neihter himself nor the public on stage.

He judged the situation of being unfair towards the fans and he wanted to stop playing live shows.

“Frances Farmer’s Revenge” is the ultimate track, a tribute to one of the most exciting and influenceing bands of the nineties: all of Nirvana’s tracks from the three albums released while Kurt Cobain was still alive (i.e. Bleach, Nevermind & In Utero), compressed into one long opaque wall of sound, moaning simultaneously.

Fifteen years after the explosion, the smoke’s still around.